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Beppu bathhouse gives dirty old men the VIP treatment

Pink House
Pink House
Keeping sex services running in the world’s most rapidly aging society presents a daunting challenge. So you’ve got to hand it to Pink House, a soapland (erotic bathhouse) in the hot springs town of Beppu, Oita prefecture.

“Instead of an air mattress or sukebe isu, we put something else in the room,” a staff member tells Nikkan Gendai (Feb. 24).

The “something” was a non-slip shower chair of the type used to bathe enfeebled elderly.

“A lot of seniors come to the Beppu hot springs for a therapeutic soak,” explains Yayoi, a 24-year-old masseuse.

After the waters of Beppu’s spa work their restorative wonders, it seems a steady stream of visiting geezers feel perked up enough to shuffle over to Pink House for a bit of crumpet, which was the source of trouble.

“Not long after our shop opened, one elderly customer slipped and fell off the sukebe stool,” says Yayoi. “So to be on the safe side, management decided to get a few of those special shower chairs used at rest homes.”

The chair, as shown in the photo, permits access from front or rear, to ensure that Grampa’s nether regions can be given a tender, loving scrub-a-dub-dub.

The sukebe isu bath chair
The sukebe isu bath chair
In some cases, keeping the old fella stiff for the journey between the bath and the massage table may be expecting too much. Fortunately, the article notes, these chairs are of sufficiently robust construction for the masseuse to straddle him — very cautiously of course — and service him right on the spot.

According to the web site, Pink House prices begin from 14,000 yen. All major credit cards are accepted. (K.S.)

Source: “Otoshiyori ga anshin shite asoberu yo ni!” Nikkan Gendai (Feb. 24, Page 22)