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Twitter outs tech college co-ed as chart-topping AV rookie

Mana Sakura
Mana Sakura
TOKYO (TR) – Following revelations that an adult video (AV) actress promoted as being from Tokyo University is in fact a nursing student from Kyoto University, Yukan Fuji (Mar. 6) reports that a co-ed from a technical college is presently gracing the top of the charts in the same industry.

Titled “Mana Sakura: AV Debut,” the release by producer Soft on Demand stars the 18-year-old, whose beauty is said to be “within the striking gap between her baby face and voluptuous body.”

After hitting store shelves on February 9, the DVD raced to the top of the AV charts. This week distribution company DMM ranks the disc at number four.

Yukan Fuji says fans found that messages posted on the social-networking site Twitter regarding her schedule coincided with that of a national technical college. The school, which is not named, is looking into the matter. The blogosphere has been buzzing with speculation ever since.

These revelations might be somewhat less surprising after one reads the bio of Sakura and finds that one of her hobbies includes tours of industrial factories. “AV Debut” seems to reflect these interests — according to DMM, one scene takes place inside a workshop.

The actress has been featured in two non-nude, factory-related photo DVDs. SOD released “Mana Sakura: The Beautiful Female Factory Fan” and “Mana Sakura Photo Collection: Mana x Factory” three months later. She is also a certified art teacher.

Yet the AV industry does not appear to be a mere phase. Sakura’s sophomore AV DVD (“Choko-kyu Shinjin-jo”), issued by SOD on Thursday, finds the actress employed as a new employee at a high-end brothel. It is currently at the top of the DMM chart.

With the scandal at Kyoto University still fresh, Yukan Fuji advises that great care be taken regarding digital communication in the Internet age.