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Softer side to starlet Ryo Hitomi emerges in second AV industry tour

The Female Teacher's Extra Lesson
Ryo Hitomi appeared in “The Teacher’s Extra Lesson” in 2013 for label Attackers

TOKYO (TR) – Four years ago, Ryo Hitomi made her triumphant return to the adult video (AV) industry after a decade-long absense. According to Nikkan Gendai (Oct. 10), the recent roles for the one-time queen of the industry are softer than before but she can still maintain any necessary element of indecency.

“Since I am over 40 years old, I am getting a lot of roles in such genres as married woman, mother-in-law and jukujo [mature] —
with the content being geared for the serious fans,” she said while attired in a low-cut one-piece dress during a recent interview at a restaurant in the Azabu Juban area of Minato Ward. “I can not do hardcore anymore, but obscene things are not out of the qusetion. I would just like to enjoy a variety of roles.”

On October 1, label Fitch released a DVD in which Hitomi, 42, stars as a landlady at an onsen hot springs resort who supplies a male customer with an oil massage and a whole lot more. The same label will issue another DVD later this month. Other releases are planned for the rest of the year.

AV debut

After dabbling as a gravure idol, Hitomi made her AV debut in 1996 with “Sensational Breast Commotion,” released by Atlas21. She continued to appear in several releases for the label before her role in the first film in Idea Pocket’s “Angel” series in 1998.

“I had received an offer to enter AV before I started with modeling, but I declined for a long time, refusing to appear naked,” she says. “However, my father suffered a business failure, and, unfortunately, my mother was hospitalized with cancer, resulting a debt of 100 million yen. I decided that it would be useful I offered a little help.”

After he debut, she enjoyed rabid popularity for her beautiful looks — known specially by the name ojo-sama, or another person’s daughter —  and E-cup chest. Over a two-year period, she appeared in a new release each month.

“I was making 1.3 million yen per appearance”

The Tokyo native also dabbled in mainstream fare, including television appearances on a number of variety programs, including on TV Tokyo, and a role in “Welcome to the Blood-Sucking Hot Springs,” a V-cinema horror feature starring Aya Sugimoto.

“I was making 1.3 million yen per appearance,” she said. “Aside from living expenses, it was all devoted to repaying the debt. There was nothing luxurious about it.”

Her autobiography, released in 2000, revealed details about her fears about men, the relationship she has with her parents and what is it like to be an AV star.

Hamburger shop in Ebisu

Following retirement, Hitomi engaged in a number of endeavors, including as a part-time worker at a hamburger shop near JR Ebisu Station. “But word got around among the young customers, and I had to change jobs,” she told Gendai. “This happened several times.”

"A Humid Night at the End of the Rainy Season"
Ryo Hitomi appeared in “A Humid Night at the End of the Rainy Season” for label Madonna in 2014

She also worked at hostess clubs in the Ginza and Roppongi entertainment areas. “I hate customer service,” she said. “And even though Ginza is a special city it did not suit me.”

However, it was during her tenure at the club in Roppongi in 2009 when she pondered a return to the AV industry. “With the mature genre gaining in popularity in the industry, I thought I would be perfect for that,” she remembered. Her body, too, had changed. “I was persuaded by the idea that fans would be looking for [someone who could provide a] healing sensation.”


In making her comeback in 2013, Hitomi appeared in a number of titles, including “The Teacher’s Extra Lesson” in 2013 for label Attackers and “AV Revival” for Rookie. She has since appeared in about 30 other films.

Hitomi’s private life does not mirror her persona on screen. Prior to her return, she attended a number of cooking and interior design classes at a vocational school and received a credential. She currently engages in providing catering services at events and ceremonies with an acquaintance.

The reason for Hitomi’s retirement more than one decade ago was to get married. However, her popularity caused tremendous jealousy on the part of her then partner. In the end, the union was never finalized.

Hitomi, who currently lives with her dog at a residence in the capital, requires that prospective partners to accept her as being a noted figure in the AV industry. “I have a desire to get married, but I guess it is up to fate,” she said.