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Shoko Takahashi says ‘music is essential’ for AV shoots

TOKYO (TR) – For some adult video (AV) actresses, preparation for shoots could involve a number of things, including elaborate stretching or the consumption of a particular food.

Shoko Takahashi appeared in a card collection in 2019 (

Shoko Takahashi, one of Japan’s top adult video (AV) actresses, focuses elsewhere.

“While working as an AV actress, music is essential,” the actress writes in Rolling Stone Japan. “The feelings of elation I get when listening to music and that during orgasm are similar.”

Her daily routine is also centered around music.

“It takes about a day to shoot one film,” she writes. “After I wake up in the morning, I switch on my DJ equipment and listen to R&B downloads to relax. I then take a shower and head to the studio.”

During make-up sessions, she might put on albums by Japanese rock groups Official HIGE DANdism and King Gnu.

DVD package

For any production, the first step is to shoot the cover of the DVD package. “Since I can’t take nice photographs without my face up, I choose to listen to EDM, dubstep and club music,” Takahahi writes.

Shoko Takahashi, who made her AV debut in 2016, says that the DVD cover photo “is taken seriously”

The shoots can last for two hours. “I can’t concentrate because I’ve got to twist my body and pose for those two hours,” the actress writes.

It is a group effort, with the photographers, various staff members and Takahashi herself all coming up with ideas, including clothing suggestions, for the single photo to appear on the package.

“That single photo will impact sales,” she adds. “So it is taken seriously.”

Shoko Takasaki

Takahashi started her career in entertainment as a gravure idol under the name Shoko Takasaki. Following rumors that she was engaged in prostitution in 2015, she transitioned to the AV industry. She made her AV debut for label Muteki in May of the following year.

The next year, she claimed the Best New Actress Prize at the DMM Adult Awards. She took Best Actress at the same event the following year.

Shoko Takahashi appeared in the photo collection “Takashoo” in 2016

Over her four-year career, she has appeared in more than 60 titles.

“A game of physical strength”

The actual shooting of each title can involve between two or three scenes. “Because one scene can be long, it becomes a game of physical strength,” Takahashi writes.

Naps extending for 15 minutes are necessary, the actress says: “I’ll turn off the lights and rest my body in silence. For me, the time spent not listening to music is also important.”

However, such a mood might not last long.

“If my face feels tired, I’ll listen to my favorite metal to survive,” she adds.