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Rumors circulate about ex-AKB48 member working at Tokyo sex service

Shukan Post June 17
Shukan Post June 17

The history of Japan’s idol industry includes a number of examples of women who have entered either the porn or sex industries after wrapping a career in showbiz. However, has an idol ever gone on to do both?

Prior to her career as an adult video (AV) actress, Eri Takamatsu was a member of the all-girl group AKB48. Now, according to Shukan Post (June 17), speculation is swirling that she is registered under the name “Mari Inoue” with a high-end “delivery health” out-call service in Tokyo.

“It is simply miracle to have her arrive in front of you,” reads her introduction on the web site for L.

Takamatsu joined AKB48 after passing an audition in September of 2009. The following year, she resigned while at the trainee level.

She began her AV career under the name “Risa Tachibana” in February of 2013 with “Risa Tachibana: AV Debut.” According to reports at the time, she garnered a following due to the innocent, inexperienced image of her that came across on the screen.

Takamatsu’s career was short. She starred in four subsequent films before the release of her final DVD “Risa Tachibana: Retirement” in August of that same year.

“What she did after leaving the AV industry was unknown,” an executive at an AV production company tells Shukan Post. “But there were rumors going around about her working in the out-call trade. On the site, her height (162 cm) and bust size (E-cup) match with Tachibana. So Mari and Tachibana appear to be one and the same.”

Risa Tachibana appears in 'AV Debut 2nd'
Risa Tachibana appears in ‘AV Debut 2nd’

At delivery health service L, the women are given one of five rankings, with Standard (90 minutes for 40,000 yen) and VIP (80,000 yen) being two examples.

Mari falls under the Ask category (for which inquiries are accepted). (Since the publication of the article, she has been removed from L’s site.)

However, a person with knowledge of the service says that a “former idol” is indeed on the roster. “But her name is only communicated to members who request high-end gals,” says the insider.

Thus far, there has been moderate interest in her services — though the price is a factor.

“The fee is 800,000 yen for 120 minutes,” continues the club insider. “It is expensive, but she has had two customers.”

Source: “120-pun 80 man-en! ‘Moto kokumin-teki aidoru’ ga cho kokyu deri heru,’” Shukan Post (June 17, page 125)