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Osaka cops bust dumpers of 200 kg of porn

An AV magazine
An AV magazine
OSAKA (TR) – Osaka Prefectural Police on Friday arrested two male suspects for allegedly dumping a large quantity of adult video (AV) material inside a park in Nishinari Ward, reports the Sankei Shimbun (Oct. 17).

A 70-year-old company executive and a care nurse, 40, are alleged to have unloaded 17 bags containing 500 AV tapes and magazines (weighing a total of approximately 200 kilograms) into Haginochaya Minami Park — a violation of trash disposal laws.

The park, known locally as “Triangle Park” due to its geometry, is part of the heavily run-down Kamagasaki area, which is considered Japan’s biggest slum. Day laborers and homeless men roam the area’s alleys of flophouses and rundown eateries. It is regarded as a popular location for the sale of stolen goods and stimulant drugs.

Both suspects have reportedly admitted to the allegations.

“Starting about seven years ago, I have been involved in a soup kitchen as a volunteer in the park,” the 70-year-old is quoted. “I thought if I put (the AV material) here it would be thrown out with the scrap wood (lying around).”

According to the police, several people in the park saw te two suspects begin to unload a truck with the trash. When questioned as to what they were doing, the suspects packed up the material and fled the scene.

Soon after, officers from the Nishinari Police Station were alerted and the pair apprehended.