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Former AV actress Hitomi Hayasaka manages ‘girl’s bar’ in Roppongi

Hitomi Hayasaka
Hitomi Hayasaka

TOKYO (TR) – An ex-adult video (AV) actress who specialized in lolicon roles — that is, portrayals of underage girls — has established a bar in Tokyo’s Roppongi district, reports Yukan Fuji (Aug. 3).

“Because of anxiety about the future, I’m trying various things for work,” says 30-year-old Hitomi Hayasaka (on Twitter @hayasaka_hitomi, who retired from the industry six years ago. “But my wish is to one day become a housewife.”

Hayasaka co-manages Hinaka, located not far from the bustling main intersection in Roppongi, with Naho Ozawa, also a former porn starlet. The bar celebrated its one-year anniversary this past May.

She made her AV debut in 2001, and fans of her films, perhaps Kyosuke Murayama’s “Dirty Mouth” from 2001 or “Persecuted Slut” released two years later, often come to the bar to discuss details of her past work and talk dirty.

“I wasn’t worried about money then, but my experience with men was small,” she remembers. “‘Can I do this?’ I wondered. Definitely I could not do it now.”

Hayasaka says that back then she was receiving one million yen per appearance, and photo and autograph sessions kept her extremely busy.

After retirement, she entered a production company. Later, she had the chance to lend her name to a hostess club — though not mentioned, it is Club @Virgin, also located in Roppongi. “Gradually, I was able to get steady customers,” the former actress says. “so I asked Naho (Ozawa)” — also once a staffer at Club @Virgin — “what she thought about opening a ‘girl’s bar.'”

Such an establishment positions female staff members behind the bar counter, opposite the customers, as opposed to side by side. An important benefit is the ability to stay open past 12:00 a.m., which for a hostess club is illegal under the adult-entertainment law.

Hinaka opened not long after the Great East Japan Earthquake that ocurred on March 11 of last year. “Energy conservation measures in effect at the time created a dour mood,” Hayasaka says. “But the bar is so small. That helped a lot.”

According to the menu, gents are charged 8,000 yen for 90 minutes, and women a mere 3,000 yen for the same period.

Things are stable, and sales are picking up, Hayasaka says, adding that she would consider new opportunities. “I want to do something I’ve never done before, something behind the scenes,” she says.

Yukan Fuji suggests that its male readership hustle on down and give it the old college try.