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Deal between ex-AV star Rola Misaki, Chinese businessman a hoax

Shukan Post May 29
Shukan Post May 29

According to a report that came out of China earlier this month, former adult video (AV) starlet Rola Misaki had inked a 15-year “monopoly” contract with a wealthy Chinese businessman.

Now, says Shukan Post (May 29), the deal, said to be worth the equivalent of 965 million yen, never existed.

“The report is completely incorrect,” wrote Misaki on the Chinese equivalent of Twitter (Sina Weibo) a few days after the release of the report.

The man in question, who goes by a name meaning “diligent older brother,” referred to the rumor as “groundless” on his account.

As previously reported, Misaki, 22, was to serve as the personal assistant of the man, who is a mysterious figure in China’s entertainment industry.

At a recent event in Beijing, the pair appeared on stage holding hands as he sported a mask to conceal his identity. The display of affection lead many to presume that the two were more than employer and employee.

An insider in the entertainment industry in China says the one-billion-yen deal was a hoax from the outset.

“It was a publicity stunt,” says the source. “He wants to be famous, and he used her name and a false report to do it.”

In recent years, AV actresses from Japan have garnered tremendous popularity in China, with some getting special deals to sexually service wealthy men at hotels and residences, writer Yuki Okukubo informs Shukan Post.

In addition to substantial amounts of sex, “they engage in something like a mistress contract,” says the writer.

Shukan Post May 29
Shukan Post May 29

Misaki, who is half-Russian, made her AV debut under the name “Rola Takizawa” in 2012 with the Prestige label. With a D-cup chest and slender frame, she never garnered a huge following in Japan, but in China her popularity has nearly reached the level of another former AV actress, Sola Aoi.

Misaki resigned from the AV industry the following year. At present, she is on staff at a high-end “delivery health” out-call establishment in Tokyo.

Fees for her services at Tora no Ana start at 100,000 yen for the first 60 minutes. When inquiring about Misaki’s availability one recent day, Shukan Post was told by the person answering the phone that she was out with a client.

In waiting for a call back, the magazine realized that a person earning a wage of 100,000 yen per hour over a 15-year period can accrue far more than one billion yen — 13 times more, to be exact.

Source: “Ninki AV joyu wo ’15-nen 10 oku-en’ Chugoku-jin daifugo,” Shukan Post (May 29, page 61)