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Lesbian love services in demand by guyless gals game to get it on

Shukan Jitsuwa Aug. 18
Shukan Jitsuwa Aug. 18

“These days it’s not rare at all to see two women going into a room together,” a maid at a Tokyo love hotel tells Shukan Jitsuwa (Aug. 18). “I’ve been at this job for 15 years. About five years ago, I noticed that more women started coming here together. The numbers picked up after our management instituted a ‘ladies’ day,’ offering a 30 percent discount, which we do twice a month. On those days, from noon onward the place is filled to capacity with paired off housewives or university students.”

But, the reporter wonders, how can you know if the women are using the rooms for sex?

“When I clean out the waste receptacles there are always some telltale signs,” the maid replies. “Things like discarded tissue paper with some clear fluid having a sweet and sour scent. Some have pubic hairs clinging to it. And from time to time I’m surprised when they leave behind a vibrator.

“These days, with men falling out of favor, I guess it’s expected that more women will want to pleasure one another. And unlike sex with men, which is over once they have ejaculated, women can keep going to enjoy themselves endlessly,” the maid says.

So with more women feeling the urge to fondle a fellow female, it shouldn’t be surprising that commercial services have made their appearance.

“Over the past several years, deri heru (out-call sex services) for women have begun to spring up,” says “pink” journalist Teruhiko Aoyama. “In the past numerous places opened, only to shut down shortly afterwards due to a lack of business. But now we’re seeing quite a few of them that have lasted three to five years and are still going strong.

“I suppose this is painful evidence that many women now have become resigned to the fact that they can’t find a man to give them what they need, so they’re turning to women instead.”

Since companies are being pushed to conserve electric power this summer, it has opened up new opportunities for women to get together.

Shukan Jitsuwa is introduced to a 26-year-old woman who moonlights at a lesbian deri heru club in Ikebukuro.

“Because more OLs can leave their office an hour earlier than usual, I’m getting more calls from them,” she tells the magazine. “They tell me that their male co-workers seldom invite them out for a drink due — partly due to the bad economy and partly due to the mood of ‘self restraint’ since the March 11 earthquake. But anyway, these gals are starting to miss not getting any action and have started searching on the Web or asking around. Once they try doing it with a woman, a lot of them get hooked for good.”

A 22-year-old woman in Shibuya gives another reason why women are fleeing men for sex with their own gender.

“Men don’t come on to them,” she says. “They won’t hold hands and even when they do invite a girl to their place, nothing seems to happen. And when the guys work up their courage and ask a gal to do it with them, they usually have some flaky requests they picked up from watching too many adult videos — like wanting to ejaculate on her face or work her over with a vibrator.

“These women are so disappointed, it’s hardly surprising they turn to other women.”

A 25-year-old gal named Keiko describes how she uses her free time after work to earn extra money on the side as a hooker for women.

What got her started in the trade was her seduction by a female co-worker 20 years her senior.

“She invited me to her home. I felt some resistance because of the difference in our ages, but she knew I was upset because I’d just broken off with my boyfriend.

“I’ll take care of you,” she whispered in my ear, while gently massaging my nipples with her middle fingers.

“I felt secure and aroused in turns. She embraced me and said, ‘Go ahead and cum whenever you feel like it.’ Soon we were chewing each other’s carpets in the 69 position, and her tongue was going over my ‘pearl’ and I was coming continuously. Then she made a “U” with her thumb and fingers and thrust them inside me, rubbing against the entrance to my urethra, and I was yelping and moaning as I came.

“That was an advanced lesson for me on how to treat a woman.”

Now, through advertisements on a web site called “Mama Recruitment,” she dispenses therapy to about 15 customers a month — mostly married women with no sex life — supplementing her income by around 150,000 yen.

Source: “Samaa taimu dounyuu de kyuuzou, nadeshiko OL no ‘rezu baishun,'” Shukan Jitsuwa (Aug. 18, page 49)