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AV label targeting women issues ‘Couples’ DVD

Shukan Post May 23
Shukan Post May 23

Since its inception in 2008, adult video (AV) label Silk Labo has made a name for itself by producing pornographic films geared to the tastes of women.

By promoting the likes of actor Ittetsu Suzuki more for his “eroticism” than good looks, the label provides titles containing a themes of compassion for what women want.

In February, Silk Labo expanded upon its target audience by issuing “Body Talk Lesson for Couples,” a DVD suitable for viewing by women and their significant others.

Thus far, the disc, which bills itself as instructing viewers on “how to perform body to body communication for sex,” has been met with approval from the label’s fan base.

“It explains mutually beneficial techniques for men and women,” Eri Makino, a producer at Silk Labo, tells Shukan Post (May 23). “I was surprised by the number of [positive] responses of customers, such as ‘When I watch the film with my partner, somehow things get started.'”

The disc is broken into three parts: “For Couples,” “For Men” and “For Women,” all of which star Suzuki and actress Yu Shinoda. Each segment includes tips on what to do before, during and after a sex session to ensure that it is mutually rewarding.

A 48-year-old woman watched the DVD with husband, who is two years her junior. “While watching, we began nodding in unison,” she says. “Then my husband touched my body. We hadn’t had sex in over a year. So we had a nice time with this DVD.”

For women, they are encouraged to not be passive and communicate what feels good.

Men are reminded that the bravado seen in a typical AV flick is not welcome. To wit, there is a three-minute lesson on nail care, which includes instruction on the proper angle to hold the file, and a clay model is implemented to teach the proper method for touching a clitoris.

With there being no shortage of reports on the number of sexless marriages in Japan, Shukan Post believes male pensioners would welcome some of the tips on the disc, such as how to to put on a condom with a natural flair and seductively whisper into a woman’s left ear.

“There are a lot of customers in their 50s,” says Makino. “We hope they can put the DVD to good use.”

Source: “Futari de miteru to hajimachau, josei muke meekaa shirku rabo hatsu no ‘kappuru muke DVD’ ga suigoi!” Shukan Post (May 23, pages 164-165)