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AV actress Yuma Asami an economic rival of AKB48?

Yuma Asami's 2013 calendar
Yuma Asami’s 2013 calendar

Japan’s adult video (AV) industry is still in shock over the announcement last week by starlet Yuma Asami, who revealed that she is battling cancer.

The 26-year-old Asami said in a tweet that she had surgery to remove a tumor discovered in one of her ovaries and that she was currently undergoing medical treatment.

Evening tabloid Nikkan Gendai (June 10) wonders if the economic impact of the AV veteran is close to that of immensely popular all-girl group AKB48, whose general election on June 8 has been estimated to have been worth 25 billion yen.

Asami has established herself as a top talent in the industry since her debut in February of 2005. Three years later, she established herself as a singer and began appearing on television variety programs. “A popular AV actress will last two or three years in the business,” says a person working it the industry. “Many will fade a few months after their debut. The eight-year career of Asami is exceptional. She has an unbelievable personality, and even with that she doesn’t have an air of self importance.”

Her fans are important to her, and the AV staff members she works with find her to be very likable. “There is no wonder that her career has lasted this long,” says the insider.

The steady sales of her DVDs, however, are mainly driven by her knockout body, highlighted by her H-cup chest.

“Let’s say that for an AV title to be a hit it must ship 5,000 units,” says AV writer Kazuo Kajiyama. “At the peak of her popularity, Asami’s titles would sell 60,000 discs. But to simplify the matter, let’s say sales averaged 10,000 discs per release.”

With 300 films to her credit, that comes to three million discs. At 2,800 yen each, the total comes to 8.4 billion yen. Kajiyama says that one must also factor in sales of used discs, digital downloads, and photo collections.

“We are looking at a total of 10 billion yen,” says the writer.

Indeed she is no match for the clout of AKB48. However, more important to her fans is a speedy recovery.

Source: “Shikyu zen tekishutsu kokuhaku Yuma Asami keizaikoka ha AKB koe!?” Nikkan Gendai (June 11, page 5)