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Yusuke Iseya handed suspended term for possession of marijuana

TOKYO (TR) – A court here on Tuesday handed actor Yusuke Iseya a suspended prison term for the possession of marijuana, reports Kyodo News (Dec. 22).

At the Tokyo District Court, presiding judge Chikako Murata handed Iseya, 44, a one-year term, suspended for three years. The prosecution had sought a one-year term.

According to his indictment, Iseya was in possession of about 13 grams of marijuana at his residence in Meguro ward on September 8.

During the trial, Iseya admitted to the allegations while also saying that that he started smoking marijuana when he was in his late 20s.

He added that he began smoking at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. “I was at home due to the coronavirus, and meetings were held remotely,” he said.

Yusuke Iseya (Twitter)

“It was a large amount to possess for personal use,” said judge Murata in handing down the ruling, “and considering the usage history as stated by the defendant, he is deeply involved in using. He said that he used marijuana to relax, but such a motive cannot be taken into account.”

The judge added that the actor’s understanding of the impact marijuana can have and his pledge to refrain from using drugs were the reasons for the suspended term.

Iseya was indicted on September 29. He was released on bail the following day.

After the ruling was handed down, he said, “I accept this ruling, and I apologize for my selfish actions, which have betrayed the trust of everyone who has sincerely cooperated with my activities.”