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Yusuke Iseya ‘smoked marijuana for first time in Netherlands’

TOKYO (TR) – At the opening of his trial on Tuesday, actor Yusuke Iseya admitted to possessing marijuana at his residence earlier this year, reports NHK (Dec. 1).

According to his indictment, Iseya, 44, was allegedly in possession of about 13 grams of marijuana at his residence in Meguro ward on September 8.

At the Tokyo District Court, Iseya appeared wearing a dark suit. In admitting to the allegations, he simply said, “Yes.”

He added, “I apologize for any inconvenience caused to the people who supported me.”

Iseya was indicted on September 29. He was released on bail the following day.

The prosecution is seeking a one-year prison term. Meanwhile, the defense is requesting a suspended sentence.

Yusuke Iseya (Twitter)

First experience

Iseya told the court that his first experience with marijuana was nearly two decades ago. He said, “I smoked marijuana for the first time in Amsterdam, the Netherlands when I was 26 or 27.”

He added, “I thought that alcohol was not suitable because it would affect me the next day and I had to maintain my body. I chose marijuana because it has less impact.”

The actor also told the court that he started smoking at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. “I was at home due to the coronavirus, and meetings were held remotely,” he said.

The ruling is expected to be handed down on December 22.