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Yakuza not prosecuted over operation of illegal Kabukicho casino

TOKYO (TR) – Prosecutors have announced the non-prosecution of a member of a criminal syndicate over the alleged operation of an illegal casino in the Kabukicho red-light district, reports (Dec. 21).

According to police, the casino, which provided baccarat action, was allegedly managed by Masayuki Miwa, a 39-year-old member of the Yamaguchi-gumi criminal syndicate.

Police raided the casino in October and seized at least one baccarat table.

Miwa denied the allegations upon his arrest. “I did not participate at all,” Miwa was quoted.

On Monday, prosecutors with the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office announced the non-prosecution of Miwa. No reason for the non-prosecution was given. However, two other persons arrested in the case were prosecuted.

Between March and October, the casino collected around 50 million yen in revenue, police said.

The casino operated on a members-only policy. It stayed open even during the state of emergency that was in effect due to the coronavirus pandemic, police said previously.