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Yakuza nabbed again for using counterfeit currency

TOKYO (TR) – A member of a criminal syndicate in custody for allegedly passing a counterfeit bill has been accused in a second case, police revealed on Monday, reports TV Asahi (May 27).

Last August, Yusuke Yabuki, a 22-year-old member of the Sumiyoshi-kai, allegedly passed a counterfeit 10,000-yen note at a convenience store in Adachi Ward to purchase a drink for about 400 yen. He then pocketed the change.

To conceal the fact that the bill was fake, the suspect handed it over to the clerk with four folds in it, police said.

Yabuki has declined to comment on the allegations, police said.

Yusuke Yabuki
Yusuke Yabuki (Twitter)

Last September, police in Saitama Prefecture arrested Yabuki for passing counterfeit bills at two stores in Kawaguchi City.

Police suspect Yabuki is a member of a ring that was behind at least 50 other incidents that took place in the Tokyo metropolitan area last year.