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Yakuza, Iranians not prosecuted over fight at ‘Scramble Crossing’

TOKYO (TR) – Prosecutors have announced the non-prosecution of six persons, including gang members and male Iranian nationals, over a fight over turf around the popular “Scramble Crossing” in Shibuya Ward earlier this year, reports TBS News (July 1).

In April, Shoichi Nukariya (34), Ryo Osumi (33), both members of the Yamaguchi-gumi, and two others allegedly fought with two male Iranians at the famous crossing in front of JR Shibuya Station.

The two Iranian nationals denied the allegations. At least one of the gangsters admitted to the charges.

Shoichi Nukariya (Twitter)

On Tuesday, prosecutors with the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office did not prosecute the suspects. No reason for the non-prosecution was given.

Prior to the incident, one of the Iranian suspects called out to Osumi and asked, “Do you need drugs?” He responded, “If you want to deal kakuseizai [stimulant drugs] here, you have to pay mikajimeryo [protection money].”

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many bars in the area that Nukariya typically receives protection money from have shut down, which was another factor in the dispute, police said previously.