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Widow of Wakayama playboy denies allegations of murder

WAKAYAMA (TR) – A 25-year-old woman in custody for the alleged murder of her wealthy husband in Tanabe City three years ago denies the allegations, police have revealed, reports the Asahi Shimbun (May 4).

On April 28, Wakayama Prefectural Police accused Saki Sudo of murdering her husband, 77-year-old Kosuke Nozaki.

After her arrest, police did not disclose whether she admitted to the crime or not. However, investigative sources revealed on May 4 that she denies the allegations.

During the investigation leading up to her arrest, Sudo told police that she “knew nothing” about Nozaki’s death.

Police previously said that Sudo murdered Nozaki by using unspecified means to poison him with kakuseizai, or stimulant drugs.

On the night of May 24, 2018, Sudo found Nozaki not breathing on a sofa in a second-floor bedroom of their residence in Tanabe. He was later confirmed dead.

Saki Sudo (Twitter)

Allowance cut off

In February 2018, Nozaki married Sudo, who was 55 years his junior. Police previously revealed that Nozaki planned to divorce Sudo after growing dissatisfied with her refusal to stay in Tanabe.

Police believe that Sudo carried out the crime out of fear that an allowance she was being paid by Nozaki would be cut off.

Over a roughly four-hour period around the time of Nozaki’s death, Sudo was the only other person on the property. However, police have been unable to find evidence to show how the suspect administered the drugs into the system of Nozaki.

Saki Sudo and Kosuke Nozaki (Twitter)

“Don Juan”

Police also said that Sudo did research on her smartphone about purchasing stimulant drugs and how to kill a person before the incident.

Police believe she later used social media to purchase stimulant drugs from a dealer in Tanabe.

According to previous reports, Nozaki amassed tremendous wealth through work in the real estate, consumer lending and agriculture industries. His palatial residence in Tanabe is adorned with works of art.

Nozaki frequently boasted about relationships with women. In 2016, he penned “Don Juan of Wakayama: The Man Who Has Supported 4,000 Women with 3 Billion Yen.” Weekly magazines and television programs began to subsequently refer to him as “Don Juan.”