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Suspects in attack of NGT48’s Maho Yamaguchi released 3 weeks later

NIIGATA (TR) – Following the alleged assault of Maho Yamaguchi, a popular member of idol group NGT48, at her residence in Niigata City last month, the two suspects were released three weeks later, reports TBS News (Jan. 10).

On December 8, the two men, both 25, allegedly grabbed Yamaguchi, 23, by the face and shoved her down as tried to close the front door of her residence after she returned home alone from a theater show.

According to police, the men, one of whom is a college student, were accused of assault after the incident. However, they were released on December 29.

During questioning, the pair denied the charges, saying they merely wanted to speak with Yamaguchi. “I hold a fondness for her,” one of them was quoted.

In a series of tweets on Wednesday, some of which have been deleted, Yamaguchi described the incident in great detail. She also said that the perpetrators told her that it was at least on member of NGT48 who informed them of her schedule and where she lives.

NGT48's Maho Yamaguchi
NGT48’s Maho Yamaguchi (Twitter)

“I thought I was going to be killed”

On Tuesday night, Yamaguchi appeared on “Showroom,” a live program that allows fans to interact with members of the group. The idol, who had been refraining from social media activities, said that her weight dropped by 4 kilograms following the ordeal.

“I thought I was going to be killed,” Yamaguchi said on the program regarding the incident. “I do not know why NGT will allow what is not allowed [to take place] in other groups. I do not feel alive.”

Based in Niigata City, NGT48 is a sister group of AKB48. Yamaguchi is the co-captain of Team G of NGT48.

When TBS attempted to contact AKS, the agency of the group, the network was told that no person capable of offering comment was available.