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Osaka: Pair nabbed for growing marijuana in bamboo grove

OSAKA (TR) – Osaka Prefectural Police have arrested two men for allegedly cultivating marijuana inside a bamboo grove in Kaizuka City, reports Fuji News Network (Sept. 25).

According to police, Yohei Ueta, a 33-year-old independent businessman, and Masaya Miyano, a 38-year-old company employee, raised 63 marijuana plants inside a 70-square-meter space of the grove in the Oji area.

Police did not reveal whether the suspects admit to allegations of cultivating marijuana for money-making purposes.

Police seized 63 marijuana plants from a bamboo grove in Kaizuka City (Twitter)

In May, police were tipped off about the operation during another investigation.

Police had previously arrested the suspects for allegedly possessing 390 grams of dried marijuana valued at around 2.3 million yen.

Police are continuing the investigation to learn what transaction history of the suspects.