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Note found in confectionery shop: ‘I think 2 people will die’

TOKYO (TR) – Following the discovery of the bodies of a man and his 18-year-old daughter in two locations, police have revealed that a note left behind hinted at both deaths, reports TBS News (July 9).

At around 1:00 a.m. on Sunday, officers working off a tip found the body of Ibuki Kizu, a first-year college student, inside a commercial-use refrigerator inside a confectionery shop run by her father, 43, in Tokyo’s Arakawa Ward.

Nearly four hours later, the father was found hanged from a tree along a river Saitama City’s Iwatsuki Ward.

The location is about 30 kilometers from the shop. Parked nearby was a motorcycle he regularly used, police said previously.

An examination of the body of Ibuki showed signs of strangulation. The results of an autopsy indicated the cause of death to have been suffocation, police said.

In the latest development, police have revealed that a note likely written by the father was found in the shop. “I think 2 people will die,” the note read.

Ibuki Kizu
Ibuki Kizu (Twitter)

Ibuki shared a residence near the shop with her father, mother and brother. The morning before the discoveries, the father left the residence to go to work. Meanwhile, Ibuki also left to go to her part-time job. However, she did not arrive.

Later that day, the father told his son by telephone, “I slashed your sister at the store. I want to die.” The son then contacted police.