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Nagano police accuse deceased yakuza of killing woman, boy before his suicide

NAGANO (TR) – Nagano Prefectural Police have accused a deceased member of a criminal syndicate of fatally shooting a woman and her younger brother in the town of Sakaki before taking his own life, reports NHK (Sept. 28).

On Monday, police sent papers on Sho Ozawa, 35, to prosecutors on suspicion of murder over the shooting deaths of 22-year-old Anna Ichikawa and her brother, 16-year-old Naoto.

On May 26, police responded to a distress call from the residence of Takenori Ichikawa. Officers arriving at the scene found Anna (Ishikawa’s daughter), Nato (son) and Ozawa collapsed inside with wounds to the head.

Naoto, Anna and Ozawa were later confirmed dead at a hospital, police said previously.

Police retrieved two guns from inside the residence. Police allege that Ozawa shot Naoto and Anna before turning one of the guns on himself.

A yakuza fatally shot two persons in a residence in the town of Sakaki before killing himself on May 26 (NHK)

“Unfortunate that two persons died as a result”

Also living at the residence is the eldest son of Ichikawa, who is an acquaintance of Ozawa. Police suspected that the incident was the result of a dispute between the eldest son and Ozawa.

Two days before the incident, Ozawa allegedly assaulted the eldest son. The son was not present during the shooting since he was consulting with police about the assault.

Police later obtained a warrant for the arrest of Ozawa on suspicion of inflicting injury.

“At the time, I think the police took the appropriate protective measures, but it is unfortunate that two persons died as a result,” said the chief of the Nagano Prefectural Police.