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Man accused of killing woman near JR Niigata Station dies in custody

Yuzuki Ishizawa (Twitter)

NIIGATA (TR) – A 26-year-old man accused of killing a female acquaintance in Niigata City two years ago has died in custody, authorities have revealed, reports Niigata Sogo Television (Jan. 14).

On January 3, Ryusuke Saito, of no known occupation, died at the Niigata Prison. The cause of death was acute renal failure, the prison said.

Saito had been awaiting the start of his trial for the alleged murder of 20-year-old Yuzuki Ishizawa on November 15, 2019.

That night, Ishizawa was found collapsed and bleeding on the landing of a stairwell in a building located about 200 meters from JR Niigata Station in Chuo Ward.

Ishizawa, who had suffered stab wounds to several locations on her body, was later confirmed dead at a hospital, police said previously.

Ryusuke Saito (Twitter)

“He is going to commit suicide”

Ishizawa, a resident of Niigata City’s Akiha Ward, worked at a bar on the second floor of the building. Saito was an acquaintance of hers.

Footage taken from the onboard camera of a vehicle showed Saito near the crime scene just prior to the incident.

Afterward, Saito’s whereabouts became unknown. Three days later, police apprehended him at a convenience store in Niigata City’s Minami Ward.

According to Saitama Prefectural Police, Saito’s mother contacted the Ageo Police Station on Thursday. “It seems like my son will injure his ex-girlfriend,” she said. “It also sounds like he is going to commit suicide.”

According to the Niigata District Court, the court will dismiss a case when the defendant dies.