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Kentaro Ito sent to prosecutors over hit-and-run: ‘I went into a panic’

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police on Friday sent popular actor Kentaro Ito to prosecutors over an alleged hit-and-run accident in Shibuya Ward earlier this week, reports Nippon News Network (Oct. 30).

At around 5:45 p.m. on Wednesday, Ito, 23, was behind the wheel of a passenger car that struck a motorcycle carrying a man and a woman, both in their 20s, at an intersection in the Sendagaya area.

The actor then allegedly drove off. The man received light injuries to an arm. However, the woman suffered a broken left leg. Ito was not hurt, police said previously.

“I was upset and went into a panic,” Ito was quoted by police in admitting to the allegations.

Police sent Kentaro Ito to prosecutors on Friday (Twitter)

“I got lost while shopping”

According to police, Ito struck the motorcycle, which was traveling in the opposite lane of traffic, while attempting to make a U-turn.

Ito returned to the scene several minutes later after a male witness in his 70s pursued him while honking his horn. He then convinced the actor to go back.

Based on the dashboard camera on Ito’s vehicle, he traveled several hundred meters before turning back, police said.

“I got lost while shopping,” Ito also told police.