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Kanagawa cops find right leg in residence of man accused of dumping corpse of wife

KANAGAWA (TR) – Investigative sources have revealed that a right leg has been found in the residence of a 26-year-old man in custody for allegedly dumping the mutilated corpse of his wife in Hiratsuka City last week, reports Kyodo News (June 28).

On the night of June 27, Seiya Taira surrendered at a police station in Kawasaki City. “I dumped a woman’s corpse at sea,” said Taira, who lives in Miyamae Ward.

Earlier that day, the upper portion of the body of his wife, 26-year-old Fubuki, was found on a beach in Hiratsuka, about 1.5 kilometers south of JR Hiratsuka Station.

During questioning, Taira said that he dumped the body of his wife at sea at around 2:15 a.m. that same day. He previously told police that he “cut off both legs” of his wife.

“Until it was washed away”

On Monday, investigative sources said that a right leg was found in the couple’s residence in Miyamae. Police believe that the leg is from the body of Fubuki.

Police also seized a blood-stained suitcase, deodorant and a memorandum outlining how to transport and dispose of a body.

The suspect also gave more detail about how he carried out the alleged crime, the sources revealed. “I carried the suitcase to the beach by taxi,” Taira told police. “I then swam out to sea with the body until it was washed away.”

The results of an autopsy revealed that Fubuki died as a result of suffocation, police said previously. The rest of her body has not been found.

Seiya Taira
Seiya Taira (Twitter)

Money-related problems

Investigative sources added that Taira was more than 1 million yen in debt. The suspect confessed to having used Fubuki’s credit card without her permission to repay some of the debt in June.

Thus far, Taira has been accused of abandoning a corpse. He was sent to prosecutors on June 29. However, police are continuing the investigation on suspicion of murder.