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Denki Groove’s Pierre Taki to be indicted over alleged use of cocaine

TOKYO (TR) – Prosecutors on Tuesday plan to indict musician Pierre Taki, one half of the synth-pop duo Denki Groove, over the alleged use of cocaine at his residence last month, reports Fuji News Network (Apr. 2).

On March 12, the Kanto Narcotics Control Department searched the Setagaya Ward residence of the 51-year-old Taki, whose real first name is Masanori. No drugs were found, but a subsequent analysis of the urine of the musician provided a positive result for cocaine.

Upon his arrest for violating the Narcotics Control Law, Taki admitted to the allegations. “I used cocaine at my residence and at other places I’ve rented in the capital,” the suspect was quoted by police.

Regarding a motive, Taki told police, “I used [cocaine] to reduce stress. On the morning of my arrest, I used.”

Sources told the network that prosecutors are planning to indict Taki on Tuesday, which represents the 23-day detention deadline for indictment allowed under the law.

Pierre Taki of Denki Groove
Pierre Taki of Denki Groove (Twitter)

“I did not know that it was cocaine”

As a part of the investigation, police also arrested Maki Tasaka, an interpreter, for allegedly supplying Taki with cocaine.

Upon her arrest, she denied the allegations. “An acquaintance requested that I make a delivery,” police quoted her. “I did not know that it was cocaine.”

Last fall, police started an investigation into Taki. During the investigation, investigators learned that Tasaka has been an acquaintance of the musician for about 20 years. Police said that she provided him with cocaine the day before he was arrested.

Denki Groove formed in 1989. Taki also regularly appears in a number of dramas for public broadcaster NHK, including this year’s fictional series “Idaten,” which tells the story of two Japanese Olympic athletes from different eras.

Since Taki’s arrest, a number of entertainment companies have terminated projects involving the musician. As well, several Denki Groove performances have been cancelled.