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Brazilian nabbed for break-in had ¥1 in possession upon arrest

TOKYO (TR) – A male Brazilian national in custody for allegedly breaking into a woman’s apartment in Shinagawa Ward last month had spent time on welfare, police said, reports TBS News (Jan. 30).

On January 29, Daniel Kumamoto, 37, of no known occupation, allegedly entered the residence and covered the mouth of the woman, aged in her 30s, after grabbing her.

Okane, okane,” he then reportedly said in broken Japanese
while pinning her down. After taking 10,000 yen in cash from her, he fled the scene.

The woman was not hurt in the incident, police said previously.

Daniel Kumamoto (Twitter)

Last year, Kumamoto quit his job in the construction industry and began receiving welfare. Upon his arrest, the suspect was in possession of exactly 1 yen. “I wanted money,” Kumamoto was previously quoted by police in admitting to the allegations.

Two days after the incident, police arrested Kumamoto breaking into another residence located about 1.5 kilometers away in the same ward.