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Tochigi man busted for SM romps with school girl in Saitama

A love hotel in Kawaguchi
A love hotel in Kawaguchi
KAWAGUCHI (TR) – Police authorities on Tuesday arrested a 64-year-old man from Tochigi Prefecture for obscene acts with a high-school girl, reports TV Asahi (Sept. 17).

Officers took Yoshio Shimazaki into custody for allegedly paying the girl (then 16 years old) for encounters that involved SM activities inside love hotel rooms in Kawaguchi City over a one-year period starting in November of last year.

The suspect has reportedly admitted to the allegations. “I did it for excitement,” Shimazaki is quoted by police.

The girl, who initially met Shimzaki on a matchmaking site, was paid 20,000 yen for each session.

Police became aware of the matter after the girl complained about receiving multiple messages from the suspect. “I want to meet my master,” he reportedly wrote to her.