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Tokyo: Woman moved newborn’s corpse between 18 lockers

TOKYO (TR) – A woman who has confessed to leaving the corpse of her newborn in coin-operated lockers over the course of up to five years rotated the body between locations, Tokyo Metropolitan Police said on Tuesday, reports Fuji News Network (Sept. 25).

On Monday, Emiri Suzaki, 49, of no known occupation, arrived at the Ogu Police Station to confess to giving birth to the child “about four or five years ago and leaving the corpse in a locker.”

Officers from the Shitaya Police Station working off the testimony of Suzaki found a corpse wrapped in a plastic bag inside a tote bag placed in a locker at JR Uguisudani Station. The decayed body was of unknown gender, police said.

Officers subsequently arrested Suzaki on suspicion of abandoning a corpse. “The baby was a stillbirth, and I went into a panic,” the suspect told police during questioning.

Emiri Suzaki
Emiri Suzaki (Twitter)

After initially leaving the body in a locker, the suspect moved the corpse every few days between 18 different lockers, paying the necessary fee each time, police said.

I deciding to surrender, Suzaki added that she lost the key to the most recent locker at the residence of an acquaintance. “I thought that I should give myself up,” she said.