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Taare operator fatally crushed by elevator door at Toyosu market

TOKYO (TR) – A male operator of a motorized cart at the Toyosu Wholesale Fish Market in Koto Ward died after he was crushed by an elevator door early Monday, authorities have revealed, reports the Yomiuri Shimbun (Apr. 8).

At around midnight, the door came down on the head of the man, aged his 50s, as he attempted to drive his cart, known by the name taare, into the elevator.

The closing door caused the man to suffer a broken jaw and other broken bones. He was confirmed dead at a hospital about five and a half hours later, according to the Fukagawa Police Station.

An examination of security camera footage by police showed the man hurriedly driving the taare into the elevator before the door came down.

Police are now examining the sensor system for the elevator that prevents accidents.

The market opened last October after moving from Tsukiji in Chuo Ward.