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Saga: Corpse of man found near burned-out vehicle

SAGA (TR) – Saga Prefectural Police have launched an investigation after the corpse of a man was found near a burned-out vehicle in Imari City, reports the Saga Shimbun (Mar. 17).

According to the Imari Police Station, the body of the man was found near a warehouse for a logistics company in Kubara Yamashirocho on Monday morning.

The body had a wound to the left side the of the head. As well, burns were found to the head and ears. His clothing showed no signs of having been disturbed.

A burned-out vehicle was found about 150 meters from the discovery of the body.

Police said on Tuesday that the results of an autopsy revealed the cause of death was death by fire. The time of death was around noon the day before the discovery, police said.

Police believe that it is unlikely that foul play was involved. A DNA analysis will be used to confirm the identity of the body.