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Osaka customs nab pro wrestler Matt Sydal for marijuana importation

Matt Sydal
Matt Sydal (

OSAKA (TR) –  Osaka Prefectural Police and customs officials have arrested a 33-year-old American professional wrestler for the alleged importation of marijuana, reports the Sankei Shimbun (Oct. 14).

On September 22, a customs official at Kansai International Airport found Matt Korklan, who is known under the performing name Matt Sydal, to be carrying 2.12 grams of liquid marijuana inside a backpack during a routine inspection. The liquid was contained in four tubes for an e-cigarette.

“Due to troubles at home and in life in general, I started smoking marijuana,” the suspect is quoted by Mainichi Broadcasting Service. “At a store, I was advised to start smoking due to the resulting high, and I continued so that my body would feel more agile.”

Korklan, who has been charged with violating the Marijuana Control Law, formerly appeared in the WWE Superstars under the name Evan Bourne. Prior to his arrest, he was to participate in a New Japan Pro Wrestling event in Kobe.

According to law enforcement, liquid marijuana is rare in Japan, with the arrest of Korklan being a first for the airport.

Korklan was prosecuted on October 13.