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Osaka cops crack down on biker parade in Kishiwada

Participants at the '11-3 Rampage' in Kishiwada
Participants at the ’11-3 Rampage’ in Kishiwada

OSAKA (TR) – Early Tuesday morning, Osaka Prefectural Police made multiple arrests for various traffic violations at a parade for specialized motorcycles and cars in Kishiwada City, reports the Sankei Shimbun (Nov. 3).

Just after midnight, approximately 50 modified motorcycles and sedans cruised through the Komatsuricho area at the annual “11-3 Rampage.” Drivers and passengers enthusiastically waved flags and roared the engines of their vehicles before approximately 2,500 cheering spectators gathered along National Route 26.

Police cited 14 participants for a number of violations of the Road Traffic Act, including driving without a license and operating a vehicle with a concealed plate. Another 17 juveniles were written up for loitering after midnight.

Law enforcement mobilized more than 200 officers to the area for the event after observing last year’s festivities on the Internet. A video appearing on Twitter on Tuesday showed showed spectators violently clashing with officers in one incident.

According to Fuji News Network (Nov. 3), unruly behavior at the event forces area convenience stories to close.