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Osaka police: 2 women starved to death in Minato residence

OSAKA (TR) – Two women found dead inside their residence in Osaka City last week starved to death, police have revealed, reports the Sankei Shimbun (Dec. 15).

On December 11, police working off a tip entered the residence in Minato Ward and found the bodies of both women inside.

The occupants of the residence were a woman in her 60s and her 42-year-old daughter.

On Monday, the Minato Police Station said that the cause of death for both was malnutrition. In the case of the older woman, the malnutrition caused her heart to fail. Her daughter was found to weigh about 30 kilograms.

Both women had both been dead for several months. Police entered the residence after an employee of the management company for the unit contacted one of their relatives. “Mail is piling up,” the employee said.

An examination of the refrigerator revealed no food inside, police said.