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Kensuke Miyazaki, paternity leave pioneer, in second alleged affair

TOKYO (TR) – Rule number one for philanderers: Don’t leave your mistress waiting at a hotel even if it is the swanky Conrad Tokyo.

For Kensuke Miyazaki, a former member of the House of Representatives, he is learning that the hard way. Just maybe.

Last week, the site for weekly tabloid Shukan Bunshun reported on an alleged affair involving Miyazaki, 39, and a woman in her 30s.

On Sunday, Miyazaki appeared with his wife, Megumi Kaneko, also a former House of Representatives, on the TBS program “Sunday Japon” and denied having had an affair.

“I’m sorry for any inconvenience [I might have caused] this time,” he said. “I regret having hurt my wife and family.”

Kaneko, 42, expressed no interest in seeking a divorce from Miyazaki.

Kensuke Miyazaki and his wife Megumi Kaneko (Twitter)

“Inappropriate behavior”

In 2015, Miyazaki, then a lower house member, made headlines by declaring that he would take paternity leave after the birth of the couple’s first child. Miyazaki was believed to have been the first male lawmaker to ever take such an action.

However, just days before Kaneko gave birth to a boy in Tokyo in February of 2016, Miyazaki enjoyed a tryst with an unnamed female celebrity in Kyoto Prefecture, Bunshun reported at the time.

“My inappropriate behavior has caused a great deal of trouble to many people. I offer my most sincere apologies,” Miyazaki later said in tendering his resignation from the lower house.

Megumi Kaneko

Conrad Tokyo

In Bunshun’s latest report, Miyazaki met with his alleged mistress at the Conrad Tokyo on October 21. After they apparently had sex, he quickly fell asleep.

When he awoke, he hardly spoke to her. Before he left, he said, “I’ll be back tonight.” However, he never did return, according to Bunshun.

She waited for him until the next morning. Later that day, he wrote via text message, “Good morning! Thank you [for yesterday]!”

His mistress, who had met Miyazaki in June, felt jilted. “Maybe he forgot he talked to me,” she reasoned. On October 23, he wrote, “I’m sorry. I fell asleep.”

As the subsequent weeks went by, communication with Miyazaki became less and less friendly. She finally asked herself, “What have I been doing for the past five months?”

Kensuke Miyazaki

“Maybe an hour”

Bunshun confronted Miyazaki about the alleged affair on November 26. Initially, he denied knowing the woman in question. However, after the magazine showed print outs of correspondence with her, he acknowledged meeting her “near the Conrad Tokyo.”

Did you have coffee?

“That’s right. It was maybe for an hour,” Miyazaki said. He then proceeded to deny requesting that his alleged mistress “send” photographs of her face and chest.

He also talked around Bunshun’s questions in trying to explain that he did not have sexual relations with her.

During his appearance on “Sunday Japon” on Sunday, Miyazaki further explained that his purpose for meeting with the woman in question, who happens to be a healthcare professional, was for consultation purposes.

He said, “While listening intently, I got a little bold and careless after feeling better. So I went to the hotel designated by [her] and had excessive communication.”