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Japan’s hostess clubs establish guidelines amid COVID-19 pandemic

TOKYO (TR) – An association comprised of hostess clubs has issued guidelines for how clubs will operate once they reopen due to the lifting of the state of emergency caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

At a press conference on May 22, the Japan Mizushobai Association, based in Bunkyo Ward, revealed that the most important aspect of the plan involves hostesses wearing masks when they are not eating and drinking.

The clubs will also ensure that customers are seated apart and hostesses receive regular physical checks. Hand washing and the use of sanitizers will also be required.

As well, it will be necessary for a club to report any person testing positive for the coronavirus, which causes the disease COVID-19, to a local health center.

The Japan Mizushobai Association announced guidelines for the reopening of clubs amid the coronavirus pandemic (Twitter)

The government is expected to lift the state of emergency on Monday. It has been in effect nationwide since April 16.

The state of emergency mandate asked clubs to close to reduce the spread of the virus. However, many have been increasingly reopening as media outlets have speculated that the mandate would be lifted, association said.

The guidelines were written under the supervision of a doctor. The document is available for download via the association’s web site.