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Bullied Kawaguchi boy in wheelchair after third suicide attempt

SAITAMA (TR) – A male student at a middle school in Kawaguchi City who suffered repeated bullying is now bound to a wheelchair after three suicide attempts, the city’s board of education revealed on Tuesday, reports the Sankei Shimbun (Oct. 9).

According to the Kawaguchi City Board of Education, the 14-year-old boy entered the school in April, 2016. The following month, he began being bullied by elder students and members of the soccer team.

On two occasions in September and October of that year, the student attempted suicide by hanging at his residence. The following April, he leaped from a building near his residence, causing fractures to his skull, the board said.

Prior to the three attempts to take his life, the boy wrote a letter to a teacher in which he complained of being bullied. However, the teacher responded by saying that the experiences he described are “not a concern,” the board said.

After the third suicide attempt and the boy’s failure to attend class, the school recognized that he was being bullied.

Investigation launched

In October of last year, a third-party investigation was launched into the matter. However, the investigation was suspended after the boy did not provide reasonable responses to queries.

In February, the boy began attending classes again. However, he is confined to a wheelchair due to injuries sustained in the third suicide attempt. Several months later, the investigation was resumed after the boy became cooperative.

“The feelings of the student are of utmost importance,” said Naoyo Iwata, a representative of the board. “Additionally, we, while understanding the severity of the matter, will endeavor to prevent a recurrence.”