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Tokyo: Chinese national suspected in 4th fake marriage

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a 35-year-old female Chinese national for engaging in what might be her fourth fake marriage, reports TV Asahi (June 29).

According to police, the woman and Kiyoshi Oizumi, 56, falsely claimed at the Machida City government office in July, 2015 that they were living together when filing marriage registration paperwork.

The paperwork was filed in order for the Chinese national to obtain status of residency in Japan, police said.

Kiyoshi Oizumi
Kiyoshi Oizumi, left, and the Chinese national (Twitter)

“Since we do not live together, I can only say that it is a fake marriage,” Oizumi was quoted by police. The Chinese national denies the allegations. “It is a real marriage,” she said.

The Chinese national came to Japan in 2008. Prior to filing marriage paperwork with Oizumi, she did the same with three other men. Police suspect that all of the other marriages were also fake.