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Examining the playboy existence of an author born without arms and legs

Flash Apr. 12
Flash Apr. 12

The past few weeks have been rough for noted author and educator Hirotada Ototake, 39, who was born without arms and legs.

After the March 31 issue of Shukan Shincho revealed that he had engaged in extra-marital affairs with multiple women, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) dropped the 39-year-old from consideration as a candidate for an upcoming election.

As well, multiple news reports, including Flash (April 12), have been painting a picture of Ototake as quite the playboy.

The Shinjuku native seems to have a keen interest in the ward’s top red-light district.

“At twilight, I’ve seen him many times in Kabukicho, moving around in his electric wheelchair after exiting the ward office,” a denizen of the red-light district tells the magazine. “He’ll then vanish down the streets into the neon lights.”

When taking domestic trips, he picks from the local talent at “delivery health” out-call businesses, or so says an acquaintance of the author. When in Bangkok, he hits hostess clubs in which the female staff members can be taken off the premises.

He also finds women at concerts. “After one of our live shoes, he gets chased by women like he’s some kind of celebrity,” the magazine quotes a man in Shinjuku who plays in a band.

According to Sports Hochi (Mar. 27), the Fuji TV program “Nonstop!” included an appearance by a woman who was invited to a gokon match-making party hosted by Ototake inside a suite room at a hotel. When the woman wondered how she would be able to take a train home considering the late starting time for the event (11:00 p.m.), she was reassured by the host that “the room has a shower.” She wound up not attending.

The woman described Ototake as “aggressive,” saying that he boasted about being “incredibly strong” when it comes to stamina in the sack.

Ototake was born limbless due to a congenital disorder. He rose to fame in 1998 with the publication of “Gotai Fumanzoku” (“No One’s Perfect”), his best-selling autobiography in which he emphasizes that a disability should be embraced. Since February of 2013, he has served on the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education.

Last month, reports revealed that the ruling LDP was considering Ototake, who has consistently supported causes for the disabled, as a candidate in this summer’s upper house election. He was viewed by the party as a person who typifies Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s initiative that strives for all (of the roughly) 100 million people to play an active role in society.

Hirotada Ototake
Hirotada Ototake

When confronted by Shincho in the initial report, Ototake admitted to the adultery allegations. He also confessed to having had five mistresses while married.

Ototake, who married in 2001 and has three children, has since issued an apology for the ordeal on his Web site. His wife, as well, offered commentary in which she took some blame for his actions.

She had been aware of her husband’s philandering and did not push back, according to a follow-up article in Shukan Shincho (April 7). “Just don’t make any babies,” she apparently told her husband. (K.N.)

Source: “Ranrin kyoiku-sha ‘Ototake-kun’ egao no ura de tsugitsugi to onna asari,” Flash (Apr. 12, pages 13-15)