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Taro Yamamoto’s ex-wife poses for nude photo book

Nanako Seri in 'Deep Sea'
Nanako Seri in ‘Deep Sea’
Last Friday, Futaba Publishers released “Deep Sea,” a nude photo collection featuring a 25-year-old woman going by the name Nanako Seri.

According to evening Tokyo Sports (April 17), Nagatacho is brimming with intrigue as she is the former wife of politician Taro Yamamoto — and an adult video (AV) appearance seems to be in the works.

Possessing a D-cup chest, Seri — for whom a Google search reveals her identity to actually be Juri Wariaya — is described on the cover of the book as an enigmatic figure: “A mysterious, beautiful woman with a long, beautiful form, much like that of an athlete.”

A representative of Futaba would not discuss Seri’s past. “The photo collection was made now because of the charm she possesses,” said the representative.

In May of 2012, Yamamoto, 40, who currently co-heads the People’s Life Party with Ichiro Ozawa, married the much younger Wariaya, then a professional surfer, after a mere one-month courtship. They divorced three months later. He reportedly provided her two million yen in compensation money for the break up.

“In days past, there were cases of a politician’s daughter starring as an AV actress or a member of the Diet appearing in a nude photo collection before taking office,” says a person familiar with the matter. “But an ex-wife? That is rare.”

Conveniently, weekly tabloid Shukan Taishu (April 20), which is published by Futaba, includes a photo spread from “Deep Sea” in which Seri is seen a number of alluring positions.

During her career as a surfer, Wariaya released a non-nude photo collection. Given this latest development — and a DVD of photographs to be released in May — an AV release could be just around the corner, speculates Tokyo Sports.

The Futaba representative tells the paper that an AV film was in the works but details could not be confirmed. The purported production company behind the film refused to issue a comment.

Things could get interesting for Yamamoto going forward.

“With Yamamoto and Ozawa holding key positions in the party, there may be significant repercussions,” continues the aforementioned source. (A.T.)

Source: “Yamamoto Taro-shi no moto tsuma? Shogeki no nuudo shashin-shu hatsubai kachu no Yamamoto-shi o chokugeki,” Tokyo Sports (April 17)