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Reported gang rape at Tokyo ‘couples cafe’ leads to bust for indecency

Reiko Yoshinaga
Reiko Yoshinaga

A reported gang rape at a specialty cafe in Shinagawa Ward that allows customers to engage sex on the premises lead to the bust of said establishment last week, reports Nikkan Gendai (Oct. 23).

On Saturday, Tokyo Metropolitan Police took manager the 57-year-old manager of Ryu’s Cafe, Ryuichi Ishikawa, and 25-year-old employee Reiko Yoshinaga into custody on public indecency charges.

Upon entering the establishment, termed a “couples cafe,” officers discovered three couples to be fully nude and engaged in sexual intercourse. The same charges were also filed against the six participants.

“We received received a tip that a woman in her 20s was taken to this couples cafe earlier this year and gang raped,” an investigator tells the evening tabloid. “The source added that she later committed suicide.”

The officer says that the police proceeded to carry out an undercover operation. “However, we were unable to confirm whether she committed suicide,” the investigator continues. “It could have been the work of a rival cafe that harbored animosity (toward Ryu’s Cafe).”

According to the cafe’s Web site, entry fees begin at 6,000 yen per couple. The cafe, located inside an apartment in the Nishi Gotanda district, is outfitted with sofas, two beds and shower facilities.

Ryu’s Cafe has reportedly collected 360 million yen in revenue since its opening 10 years ago.

Yukio Murakami, a fuzoku journalist, that is, one who covers the adult-entertainment trade, speculates that the tip to the police was simply a matter of a woman partaking in a number of erotic endeavors with multiple men and later feeling remorse.

“Often I’ll hear about a girl who goes to a gokon (matchmaking) party and meets a guy,” says Murakami. “He’ll then suggest they go to a couples cafe to take a look.”

Oftentimes guests will arrive at such an establishment as a pair of couples. “One gal will see the other couple having sex and she’ll get stimulated and ready for action,” says Murakami. “But the male in the other couple, who she doesn’t care for, will then force himself on her. There are a lot of cases like that.”

Murakami warns of guys at such places who find a sick pleasure in getting women pregnant.

“Secretly, he’ll masturbate and rub semen on his finger,” says the writer. “He’ll then probe the vagina of a guy’s wife. He might also poke a hole in a condom with a needle.”

He may also film himself having sex with a guy’s girlfriend. “The footage will later wind up posted on the Internet,” Murakami says.

Nikkan Gendai fears for the well-being of its readership.

Source: “Rikan tsuho de tekihatsu kappuru kissa de tondemonai koto ga akiteiru,” Nikkan Gendai (Oct. 23, page 5)