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Pole-pulling pro perfected palm performance at her maternal parent’s patella

Shukan Asahi Geino June 3
Shukan Asahi Geino June 3
For a long time, Japan boasted a legendary lady whose hand job technique was so spectacular she was known in the trade as “the mythical shaft master” or “the wizard of jism.” Her name, reports Shukan Asahi Geino (June 3), was Reiko Oikawa.

Some two and a half decades ago Reiko gave birth to a daughter, who grew up to be a lovely lass indeed. And you’ll be happy to learn that the daughter decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

Asagei tracked down the young woman, who goes by the professional name of Nana, at a sex shop in Tokyo’s Kinshicho district called Ikenai Shika Eiseishi (Naughty Dental Hygienist).

“Yes, Reiko was my mother,” she readily admits.

This particular establishment appeals to males with a slightly masochistic bent. Customers are obliged to wear an eye mask and during the course of their treatment session never see the woman’s face.

The reporter, however, was able to behold Nana’s visage and informs readers that she is indeed a tasty bit of crumpet.

Nana tells him she was in her teens when she first learned of her mum’s vaunted reputation as a milkmaid.

“I told mum I myself am of a slightly sadistic bent,” she confesses. “So I managed to coax her into teaching me everything she knew.”

Reiko at first resisted the idea of her daughter getting into the sex trade, but eventually gave in, saying, ‘Well once she’s an adult it’s up to her to decide what sort of life she wants to lead.'”

To ensure Nana got everything right, Reiko got down to the brass tacks, with hands-on instruction.

“She stripped down and thoughtfully showed me ways to vary pressure, speed and rhythm,” Nana relates.

Reiko’s complete course in the refinements of pole pulling continued for three hours a day, continuing for several months. Finally, she gave Nana a satisfied nod, along with her blessings to turn pro.

So, the reporter asked Nana, what’s the secret of a super deluxe hand-job?

“First, you always have to be alert to the customer’s feelings,” says Nana. “There are times when you caress his member like the downy hair of a baby, and at other times, you pretend to scold them, saying ‘As a man, aren’t you ashamed of yourself to be like this?'”

With her mama urging from the sidelines, Nana continues dispensing efforts to further the fine art of worm-burping.

“When a customer demands 100 percent from me, I’ll give him 20 percent of what he requests,” Nana winks. “Then the rest is all in my hands.”

The Naughty Dental Hygiene shop where Nana dispenses her services charges 6,000 yen for a half hour. The telephone number is listed at the bottom of the page. (K.S.)

Source: “Haha ga musume ni tekoki teku wo man tsu man shido,” Shukan Asahi Geino (Jun. 3, page 191)