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Panty-peeling pervert prowling blue-light Yokohama

Shukan Jitsuwa March 15
Shukan Jitsuwa March 15
In the lexicon of Japanese perversion, an undergarment removed directly off a woman’s torso is described as nama (raw). And if this term is any indicator, there’s a glutton lurking around the port city of Yokohama intent on stuffing himself with sashimi.

Shukan Jitsuwa (Mar. 15) reports that in the latest incident, which occurred in a residential neighborhood in the city’s Konan Ward around 9:00 p.m., a woman returning home was attacked from behind. Her assailant clamped his hand over her mouth and forced her down at the roadside, yanked up her skirt and peeled off everything she was wearing south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Similar incidents had occurred earlier in February, and police were already patrolling the area for a suspect to be charged with committing obscene acts in public and robbery.

“These crimes are known to happen, but they’re far more likely to occur in summer when women wear lighter clothing,” the reporter covering the crime desk at a newspaper tells the magazine. “Because women wear wool panty hose and other undergarments in winter, it’s a lot more work to steal just panties.

“Based on the modus operandi, the same guy seems to be responsible for the recent crime spree,” the reporter added.

The type of women targeted by the assailant appear to fit the same pattern.

“In most cases they are walking alone while listening to their headphone stereo,” says a police source. “Then the next thing they know they’re horizontal and their underwear is yanked off. It appears the suspect is either wearing a full-face motorcycle helmet or ski mask, so none of the victims have been able to give us a usable description.”

The assailant has not been successful at all attempts, as more than 10 women have reported being knocked down but managed to hang on to their undergarments.

The police are devoting extra manpower to nabbing the culprit. The reason, says the aforementioned police source, is that whoever is doing this may cross the line from robbery to homicide.

“Two years ago, a 39-year-old male assailant in Kamagaya, Chiba Prefecture was arrested for severely wounding a 29-year-old woman with a knife,” says the source. “When police searched his home, a foul odor was noticed emanating from the futon closet; inside were more than 100 ‘raw’ women’s undergarments.

“In many cases, crimes like the one in Yokohama can escalate into real tragedy. We want to get this guy off the streets before it’s too late.”

Source: “Yokohama de nama pantee goutou higai zokushutsu,” Shukan Jitsuwa (Mar. 15, page 204)