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More details on bust of Tokyo ‘happening bar’

Shukan Asahi Geino June 5
Shukan Asahi Geino June 5

On May 16, Tokyo Metropolitan Police took the manager of “happening bar” Kun Kun, 36-year-old Hideto Hiramatsu, and two employees into custody on obscenity charges.

Located in Bunkyo Ward’s Yushima area, the bar, in which the patrons engage in sexual acts, billed itself as “Japan’s biggest” on its Web site. (The site has since been taken down but there is the Wayback Machine).

Officers also arrested four customers — aged between 28 and 56 — on the premises at the time of the raid.

Last November, weekly tabloid Shukan Asahi Geino profiled Kun Kun in its pages. Naturally, the magazine felt obligated to further probe the matter in its June 5 issue.

“It is a huge space that includes two large playrooms,” a regular customer tells the magazine. “One is for singles to meet and the other is for couples, in which the action is viewable through a slit in the wall.”

At the time of the bust, a single woman was being pawed by several men. The magazine says that her white-frilled brassiere had been removed, and her D-cup chest clearly visible. Meanwhile, two mail-female pairs were engaged in heated activities in the couples playroom.

Male customers must pay 5,000 yen as a membership fee and 8,000 yen to enter. Single women are only charged a 1,000-yen entrance fee. Since it opened in August of 2012, Kun Kun has collected 330 million yen.

On weekdays, the clientele includes married women, while office ladies often attend on weekend nights.

Upon arrival, female customers change into a number of costumes, including sailor suits, while men strip down to their underwear. Guests wear wristbands to indicate their status: single or as a couple.

A long bar counter has seats. Here, men can be seen pleasuring women with their tongues.

“With busts like this ongoing all across town, there is no shortage of people wanting to come here,” says the aforementioned regular. “There are also a lot female beginners who are interested in this kind of thing.”

Inside Kun Kun
Inside Kun Kun

Kun Kun also has an SM space with a cage and ropes for bondage. Events featuring performances by adult video stars or themes, such as candles, are held regularly.

A drinking game with darts and tequila is also available. “The darts and tequila are a great way for beginners to break the ice,” says another regular.

The action can get frantic in both the single and couples rooms, the same customer giggles: “The condoms are available on an all-you-can-use basis.” (K.N.)

Source: “Nihon saidai hapubaa tekihatsu,” Shukan Asahi Geino (June 5, page 178)