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Menopausal moms see sex as formula for rejuvenation

"Beauty Smile" by Yuri Adachi
“Beauty Smile” by Yuri Adachi

From April 1994, pixieish child actress Yumi Adachi played the role of homeless child Suzu Aizawa in the Nippon TV drama series “Ie Naki Ko.” The story was adapted from French author Hector Malot’s 1878 novel “Sans Famille” (Nobody’s Boy).

TV viewer ratings peaked at 37.2 percent, making it the season’s smash hit, and the feisty young character’s tagline — “Dojo suru nara, kane wo kure” (If you feel sorry for me, then give me money) — became one of the top buzzwords of 1994.

Yumi Adachi is now 27, a mother, and still pursuing her career in the entertainment world. Likewise for Adachi’s 51-year-old-mother, Yuri Adachi, who recently bared her full-frontal birthday suit in several glossy photo spreads in men’s weekly magazines, as advance publicity for the forthcoming coffee table book “Beauty Smile,” which includes a collection of nude shots.

According to the tabloid newspaper Nikkan Gendai (Sep. 30), Yuri Adachi’s impressive physical attributes did not come cheap. The rejuvenation process, including breast enhancement surgery and liposuction, set her back 6 million yen.

Mama Yuri’s behavior, the evening tabloid suggests, may be one manifestation of a growing trend toward a sexual revival among women reaching the half century mark.

“Fifty is the average age when female menopause sets in,” explains author Arata Samon, who is also a physician. “Her children will be grown up, and she harbors anxieties concerning the value of her existence. This spurs some women of that age to take part-time jobs in the sex industry. In their view, having men pay them money represents a recognition of their femininity, which gives them a sense of satisfaction and relief.”

Some of these women are said to spend their earnings from the sex trade at host clubs, affording them further gratification from handsome young hunks.

Nikkan Gendai relates that when one fiftyish woman’s husband refused to grant her a divorce, she demanded he take her to a so-called “happening bar.” After a few drinks to get her in the right mood, she disrobed and coupled with a willing gentleman before the eyes of her husband and the other patrons. The experience helped rekindle their flagging marriage.

Journalist Yumi Mitsui tells Nikkan Gendai that women in their 50s have suddenly begun rediscovering their sexuality with a vengeance.

“I know about a 52-year-old housewife who enjoys going out in the daytime and tries to pick up men, almost like when she was a high-school girl competing to see who could make the most boyfriends.

“And at housing developments, some of these women operate prostitution rings,” she adds.

Source: “Gojudai no tsumatachi ga midara ni naru wake,” Nikkan Gendai (Sep. 30, page 5)