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Japan’s taxi drivers rate raunchiest rides on their peter meters

Jitsuwa Taiho January
Jitsuwa Taiho January

Everybody’s heard the story of the cabbie whose female passenger, lacking funds, offers to let him take out the fare in trade. But the men’s monthly sleazine Jitsuwa Taiho (January) claims to have surveyed 100 taxi drivers and came up with all kinds of winks, kinks and hijinks. Here the magazine rates the top 10, in descending order. The envelope please…

10. Catches a glimpse of a mini-skirted passenger’s panties when she boards.

9. Admires a view of the bare butt of a female passenger who, desperately needing to pee, is forced to hurriedly disembark and squat by the roadside.

8. Watches the erotic exuberance of a randy couple in the rear view mirror.

7. Sees an inebriated female passenger start nonchalantly masturbating while on the back seat.

6. Gets an eyeful from a soaking wet female passenger who not only forgot her umbrella, but who’s not wearing a bra either.

5. Gets it on with a sexually unsatiated female sex worker.

4. By pure circumstance happens upon a shooting session of an AV (adult video), and at the leading actor’s behest, receives a free blow-job by the leading lady (or one of the fluff girls).

3. After a heated back-seat argument, upon which the infuriated male half of a couple disembarks and walks away, receives an inviting query from the abandoned female: “Driver, are you married? Would you like to embrace a lonely woman?”

2. Gets an offer for the fare to be taken out in trade by a woman with no money. (About 10 drivers out of the 100 surveyed claim this has happened to them.)

And finally…

1. Receives an invite from a husband and wife for the driver to participate in their passion for swapping.

In an all-too-brief sidebar, a male passenger relates his experience of engaging in a lively conversation with his 40-ish female cabbie. When the subject turned to sex, he half-jokingly propositioned her, and she agreed to dispense a competent blow-job for 5,000 yen.

The biggest impediment to making whoopie these days is that nearly all company-owned vehicles in Japan now sport onboard security cameras, discouraging all but the most desperate drivers from sporting events. So Jitsuwa Taiho suggests that the action in the future is most likely to take place in vehicles operated by owner-drivers, who can, at their discretion, switch off the camera. (Although some might keep it on, so they can enjoy watching themselves in video replays.)

Source: “Takushii untenshu ecchi na jiken de josha oorai!?” Jitsuwa Taiho (January, page 196)