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Japanese females under 18 in demand for innumerable illicit endeavors

Spa! Mar. 5-12
Spa! Mar. 5-12

The busts in January of massage parlors featuring high-school girls has shed light on the various other workplaces that staff females under 18 years of age, reports Spa! (Mar. 5-12).

“First, we’ll send them to entertainment production offices,” says a scout specializing in girls under 18, who are collectively referred to with the term JK, a shortened version of joshi kosei (or high-school girl). “But not all of them make the cut. When the positions are all filled, it becomes tough to find a place to send them. One option is non-adult live-chat vendors.”

The scout believes capital has been shifting from sites offering horse-race prediction services to those that give guys a chance to chat with young girls. “Another vendor we work with provides private photo sessions with girls,” he says. “We can take kickbacks of between 10 and 15 percent.”

For the latter, the source goes on to explain that it is crucial to check the details within the contracts to avert risks, such as being cited or held liable should the shooting take place at a love hotel or other such venue that would infringe on the well-being of a minor.

In Chiba and Saitama prefectures, there are adult-entertainment establishments, such as escort services, that hire girls under 18. “We can send runway girls found in Tokyo,” says the scout. “If we can get the girls into dormitories, which reduces the risk of short-term turnover, we can collect more than 100,000 yen per deal. We will want higher fees but it is difficult to push since vendors will indicate that we are in a weak position as the brokered deals are effectively cases of human trafficking and prostitution.”

The scout keeps profiles of various girls, most crucially their birthdays, inside his mobile phone.

“Until she’s of age, I refer all jobs available. I can receive 50,000 yen from a sexy izakaya if a girl works 15 days,” he says referring to a type of restaurant where the waitresses dress in revealing uniforms. “Selling juice from a booth at an event is another type of job I can fill.”

For this scout, the most lucrative avenue is setting up an aijin, or mistress, arrangement. Scouts often meet hostesses, many of whom have customers interested in an underage concubine.

“These inquiries usually fetch up to 500,000 yen,” says the scout. “Since the hostess is protecting a secret, this arrangement is usually very rigid. While I will want to take out a scouting contract, the hostess will get that. I’ll just get a fee in this two-layer scheme.”

Source: “Sexy izakaya kara aijin made shohin to shite urareru shoji tachi,” Spa! (Mar. 5-12, pages 25-26)