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How far do those room-service masseuses go?

Jitsuwa Taiho Oct.
Jitsuwa Taiho Oct.
You’re away from home on a business trip. It’s too early to sleep, so out of a mixture of boredom, curiosity, and horniness, you phone the front desk and summon a masseuse to your room. The prices are cheap enough, somewhere in the neighborhood of 4,000 yen or so for a 45-minute session.

Jitsuwa Taiho (October) attempts to provide some answers to the oft-asked question of how far those frowsy, middle-aged women who dispense massages at business hotels are willing to go with male customers.

At a hotel in Osaka, the reporter is getting a session from one named Masami. She’s 51, although she looks considerably younger. He’s not especially keen on older women, but under the pressure of her gentle fingers, he becomes aroused, to the degree that when he rolls over and faces the ceiling, his erection is unmistakable.

“Er, by enhancing their blood circulation, do many men get this way?” he asks her.

“Well, sometimes,” she replies guardedly. “I suppose it can’t be helped if a man is in good health.”

“I guess I can’t help myself since you’re so attractive. Might I ask you to help me out?” he implores her.

“Sorry, but I’m not that kind of woman,” she responds flatly. And that was that.

Based on a telephone survey of an unspecified number of traveling businessmen who had in the past summoned such women to their room, 51 percent said masseuses only gave straight massages, with no interest in earning extra money on the side. Of the remainder, 28 percent agreed to dispense hand jobs, 12 percent gave fellatio, and 9 percent were willing to engage in “honban” (go all the way).

The reporter relates his experience with a masseuse named Hitomi, age 49, at a hotel in Kinshicho in eastern Tokyo.

“Uh-oh,” she winked at him. “Is that thing getting bigger? Gee, I seem to have that effect on everybody. . .”

“If you’d like me to give you a hand with my hand, I can do it on a private basis for 5,000 yen,” she offers.

He agrees, and while she proceeds he begins rubbing her breasts. Perhaps enjoying his touch, she reciprocates by taking him into her mouth.

It was cheaper than going to a sex shop. Two months afterward, the reporter met up with Mikiko, a 44-year-old divorcee, at hotel “K” in Tokyo’s Suidobashi district.

She had attended night school to obtain certification as a licensed masseuse. Definitely a serious person.

“I don’t have much strength in my fingers, so I have to do it harder,” she said, massaging his back. Then he turned face up, and as her fingers moved deftly over his body, blood flowed to his nether parts and his “turtle head” began poking out from the opening of his yukata.

She feigns an initial show of rejection, but soon recovers, and uses her fingers to bring him to full size.

He slips his hands underneath her uniform and is surprised to find she’s not wearing panties.

“It’s sweaty work you see,” she explains to him.

The reporter agrees to her fee for a 30-minute extension, during which he was able to peel her completely and enjoy the ride.

In an interview, a hotel masseuse tells Jitsuwa Taiho, “If, through your efforts, the man gets aroused, I think you have no choice but to do something for him.”

Does providing such services turn her on as well? Apparently. “For women, I suppose we feel the same way men do while watching an actress in an adult video having an orgasm,” she says. (K.S.)

Source: “Bijinesu hoteru no massaji jukujo wa doko made yareru no ka?” Jitsuwa Taiho (October 2008, pages 70-73)