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Guys just wanna have fun — being gals

Nikkan Gendai
Nikkan Gendai
Wow, talk about writers willing to go the extra mile for a good story. Writing in Nikkan Gendai (Apr. 28), Kazuo Kajiyama relates his discovery of a “Joso date course,” a sex service where male customers call on the shop, dress up like females and take out another man, also in drag, for a topsy turvy tete-a-tete.

Newly opened, this particular business operates from a condo five minutes on foot from Yokohama station. Upon paying 40,000 yen for a 90-minute “date,” Kajiyama is introduced to “Junko,” age 28, who helps her customer select from the L-size women’s wardrobe hanging in the closet. “You should apply heavy makeup, it will make it harder for people to tell you’re a man,” he/she advises.

Donning now his gay apparel, Kajiyama then slips on a wig. “Truth be told, I make a pretty ugly woman,” he concedes. But Junko — who now calls him “Kazuko,” tells him he’s really cute, and the two go mincing off for a Yokohama shopping expedition.

The boutique they enter is just full of female shoppers, and Junko remarks mixing in can be a little risky because if someone spots their guise, they may summon the police. But they proceed nonetheless.

“Ohhh, Kazuko, isn’t this camisole just adorable?” squeals Junko, prompting Kajiyama, who’s really starting to get into his new role, to respond, Waaa, honto, cho-kawaiiii! (It’s really super-cute!).

As far-fetched as it may sound, none of the female shoppers in their vicinity seem to pay the slightest attention to the two hefty “women” with 5-o’clock shadows inspecting the merchandise.

The odd couple sashay out of the building and head for a nearby park where, in the privacy of the women’s toilet cubicle, Junko gives Kazuko an affectionate blow-job.

Having it done to him while he’s dressed up in drag is a real turn-on, and just three minutes into the session, Kajiyama shoots his wad.

Back at the condo, Kajiyama scrubs off his rouge, eyeliner and powder.

“For our next date, what do you say we go to Shibuya?” Kajiyama smiles to his new “lady” friend. (K.S.)

Source: “Onna ni bakete ukeru yagai fera no aji,” Nikkan Gendai” (Apr. 28, page 22)