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Cooler goes kaput, gal plugs in for the duration

Shukan Bunshun Aug. 12-19
Shukan Bunshun Aug. 12-19

“The wheezy old air conditioner in my apartment finally gave up the ghost, but my cheapskate landlord was dragging his heels on getting it fixed, and in this unbearable heat, I got desperate for new digs. Fortunately this guy at the place where I work part-time had a spare futon and invited me to come over to his place and cool off.”

Thus begins a steamy selection from the September issue of the women’s soft porn magazine Renai Tengoku, as introduced in Shukan Bunshun (Aug. 12-19).

“On the way, we dropped into a convenience store to pick up some booze,” she continues, “and after relaxing over a few drinks we found we both had the hots for each other.

“My heart throbbing with excitement by this unexpected turn of events, he led me to his bed and undressed me. He inserted his finger and I felt this exquisite sensation, and at that moment — for the first time in my life — I began spouting like a porpoise, and was then wracked by tremors of pleasure, one after the next.

“Without missing a beat, he slammed his salami into me and began thrusting forcefully, and overcome with ecstasy I completely blacked out.

“Now we’re practically living together, and he gets me off every day!”

The story’s pseudonymous byline is “Manatsu no Ka-chitsu,” a raunchy revision of the 1990 hit song Mananatsu no Kajitsu (ripened fruits at the peak of summer), with kajitsu (ripened fruits) playfully punned to read ka-chitsu (juicy vagina). The timing also serves as a considerate “get well” message to vocalist Keisuke Kuwata, formerly of the Southern All Stars, who underwent cancer surgery earlier this month. (W.W.)

Source: “Shukujo no zasshi kara,” Shukan Bunshun (Aug. 12-19, page 103)