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AV film starring widow of Wakayama playboy topping charts after alleged murder

Saki Sudo strolls through Ebisu in “Barhopping Until the Morning”

WAKAYAMA (TR) – On the morning of April 28, news crews followed police officers as they escorted Saki Sudo, 25, from her apartment in Tokyo to Haneda Airport. She then boarded a flight for Wakayama.

That same day, she was accused of murdering her playboy husband, 77-year-old Kosuke Nozaki, by poisoning him at their residence in Tanabe City three years before.

To that point, it was probably the most-watched footage of Sudo on record. However, that status was quickly put in jeopardy.

Sudo starred in “Yurika,” an adult video (AV) production released by label G-Area in January 2018. After her arrest, the title shot up to the number-one position on several charts for site Fanza, which is a part of distributor

The development is just the latest turn in a tale of apparent deception and greed that did not end with Nozaki’s death.

Saki Sudo starred in “Yurika” in 2018


Sudo is a native of Hokkaido Prefecture. After graduating from a vocational school in 2016, she moved to Tokyo.

In December, she enrolled in a dating club that matched young, attractive women with wealthy men. The club promises relationships based on papakatsu, where men pay women for intimate companionship.

“Women are ranked based on their appearance, and Sudo ranked right at the top,” a reporter for a newspaper tells Shukan Bunshun.

It was later that Sudo’s career in AV began. All told, she starred in four films, including “Barhopping Until the Morning.”

In the film, the male lead picks up Sudo at a bar in the Ebisu area of Tokyo. After showing her videos shot overseas, he escorts her to a hotel.

Saki Sudo starred in “Barhopping until the Morning” in 2017

“Don Juan”

Nozaki met Sudo through an acquaintance in late 2017. They married the following February, when he was 55 years her senior. Police previously revealed that Nozaki planned to divorce Sudo after growing dissatisfied with her refusal to stay in Wakayama.

The results of the investigation led police to believe that Sudo carried out the crime out of fear that an allowance she was being paid by Nozaki would be cut off.

Police allege that Sudo murdered Nozaki by using unspecified means to poison him with kakuseizai, or stimulant drugs, at their residence in Tanabe on May 24, 2018.

After her arrest, police did not disclose whether Sudo admitted to the crime or not. However, investigative sources revealed on May 4 that she denies the allegations.

According to a previous report, Nozaki amassed tremendous wealth through work in the real estate, consumer lending and agriculture industries. His palatial residence in Tanabe is adorned with works of art. His estate is worth an estimated 1.3 billion yen.

Nozaki was known for his womanizing ways, frequently boasting about past relationships. In 2016, he penned “Don Juan of Wakayama: The Man Who Has Supported 4,000 Women with 3 Billion Yen.” Weekly magazines and television programs began to subsequently refer to him as “Don Juan.”

Saki Sudo starred in four AV films

“He’s landed a rich lady”

According to documents for a company headed by Nozaki until his death, Sudo was appointed his successor as president about two months after he died, the Mainichi Shimbun reported.

After members of Nozaki’s family failed to attend meeting to discuss the inheritance, Sudo held an extraordinary general shareholder’s meeting at the Tanabe residence on July 30.

Based on minutes for the meeting that she wrote, she was appointed as the company’s representative director.

A lawyer for an auditor that served the real estate company said that around 38 million yen was transferred to her from a company account in September 2018.

The site for Shukan Josei says that Sudo could be an example of a person overcome by greed. The article says that there is speculation that she is infatuated with a popular bar host in the Kabukicho red-light district of Tokyo.

“Last year, he let it leak that he was planning to quit,” a person working in the adult entertainment industry says. “He’s happy now that he’s landed a rich lady.”